It was a well-kept secret a few years back when the millions of tourists who have visited the portuguese capital in recent years began to spread it. 

It is said that Lisbon has everything: it is modern and old; it has medieval and avant-garde architecture; it is popular and cosmopolitan; it is European, but umbilically linked to Africa and the World; it has locals and tourists; it has the Tagus River and the sea; it has gardens and woods; it has culture and fado; and friendly people of all ages to welcome those who visit. 

In recent years, it has even received the title of the coolest city in Europe. 

Major events such as the United Nations Oceans Conference, Rock in Rio, Web Summit, the UEFA Champions League final, and even the Japanese pop culture event Iberanime and international e-sports tournaments have chosen the Portuguese capital to set up camp. 

There are many reasons that make Lisbon a young city, but the fact that there are more than 60 universities and higher education institutions here is certainly one of the main ones. The city’s cultural and nightlife is probably another. Bairro Alto is one of the best known places and the busiest one. It is in the center of the city and has more than 500 years of history, it was home to writers and artists, newspapers and typographies, and fado houses. Today it concentrates a large number of bars, restaurants, ateliers, galleries, and stores. 

In recent years, Lisbon has even received the title of the coolest city in Europe. 

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