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From August 1 to 6, 2023, Lisbon will host World Youth Day, the Pope’s meeting with young people from all over the world.

Over the course of a week, young people from all over the world are invited to participate in meetings of prayer, sharing and leisure. In the mornings, catechesis in several languages ​​allow for group formation moments. And throughout the day, the Youth Festival presents an array of concerts, musicals, conferences, exhibitions, among others, which makes WYD a culturally rich event. The highlights are the celebrations (central events) in which the Pope is present, such as the opening mass and reception ceremony for the Holy Father, the cross, the vigil and, on the last day, the sending mass.

It is hard to say how many young people will be at the meeting, but at the moment more than a million young people are expected from all over the world.


«Mary arose and went with haste» (Lk  1, 39) is the biblical quote chosen by Pope Francis as the motto of the XXVIII World Youth Day.

Mary of Nazareth is the great figure of the Christian journey, who teaches us to say yes to God. She was already the protagonist of the last edition of WYD and will also be in Lisbon.

Leaving in a hurry is the attitude with which Pope Francis’ indications for WYD Lisbon 2023 are summarized, as explained by Cardinal Manuel Clemente at the 196th Plenary Assembly of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference: “that they be for active and missionary evangelization on the part of young people”. 


The logo of the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, inspired by the theme «Mary arose and went with haste» (Lk  1, 39) has the Cross as a central element. Beatriz Roque Antunes, the designer responsible for developing the logo, also presents the Cross crossed by a path where the Espírito Santo emerges.

The logo is intended to be an invitation to young people not to settle down and be protagonists in the construction of a more just and fraternal world.

The colors (green, red and yellow) evoke the Portuguese flag.


The song “Há Pressa no Ar”, anthem of the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, was inspired by the theme of WYD Lisbon 2023, «Mary rose up and went with haste» (Lc1,39), and is developed around the “yes” from Mary and her haste to meet her cousin Elizabeth, as the biblical passage relates.

“Há Pressa no Ar” has lyrics by João Paulo Vaz, priest; and music by Pedro Ferreira, teacher and musician, both from the diocese of Coimbra. The arrangements are by the musician Carlos Garcia.

The theme was recorded in two versions: in Portuguese and in the international version in five languages ​​(Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian).

Official Prayer

Our Lady of the Visitation,
you who arose and went with haste towards the mountain to meet Elizabeth,
lead us also to meet all those who await us
to deliver them the living Gospel:

Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord!
We will go in a hurry, with no distraction or delay,
but with readiness and joy.
We will go peacefully, because those who take Christ take peace,
and welldoing is the best wellbeing.

Our Lady of the Visitation,
with your inspiration, this World Youth Day
will be the mutual celebration of the Christ we take, as You once did.

Make it a time of testimony and sharing,
fraternization, and giving thanks,
each of us looking for the others who always wait.

With you, we will continue on this path of gathering,
so that our world will gather as well,
in fraternity, justice and peace.

Help us,
Our Lady of the Visitation,
to bring Christ to everyone, obeying the Father, in the love of the Spirit!