History of SYM in Portugal

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The reference to the SYM in Portugal appears for the first time in the pastoral year 1988-1989, mainly as a result of the groups Amigos de Domingos Sávio (Friends of Domenico Savio) already existing in some centres.

On May 24th, 1989, the first guiding document of the Salesian Youth Movement and Salesian Youth Spirituality was published, immediately identifying itself as a movement of young people for young people. In this document, reference was already made to the significant elements and the organization of coordination of the movement through a general assembly and a national council.

Even so, only after the year 2000 the implementation of the National Assembly of the Salesian Youth Movement and the National Council of the Salesian Youth Movement is put into practice and in 2005 the first participation of the SYM Portugal council in an general assembly of SYM Europe, which also creates a new impetus in the national SYM leading to a renewed dynamic. In 2011, a review of the SYM structures took place with the launch of a set of identity subsidies. In 2012, the first statutes and regulations of the National Council and National Assembly were drawn up. According to the statutes, in each pastoral year there is a General Assembly and two quarterly meetings of the National Council, and, in due course, as often as necessary.

The proposals of this educational itinerary are especially aimed at children and young people between the ages of 10 and 25.

Among the various meetings held throughout the year, there is the SYM National Day, the SYM National Camp, the Clip Dom Bosco short film festival and the National Assembly.