Following the guidelines in this graphic standards manual you are helping to increase the consistency and strength of the WYD DON BOSCO 23 brand.

These indications are intended for everyone who needs to create materials related to our brand, or just disseminate it to young people in their Salesian environments. Without wanting to limit creativity, they aim to establish some basic rules for the use of the visual elements made available here.

For more information about our brand please contact: comunicaçã


This is our logo. It is composed of a symbol and lettering and was inspired by the figures of Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians. You can read the explanation of the logo here

Minor version to be used only when vertical format is not possible.


We used the colors of the WYD Lisboa 2023 logo, which are also the colors of the national flag of Portugal.

  • RedRGB 213 63 40
    CMYK 10 86 89 2
    Pantone 7597 C
    HEX d53f28
  • YellowRGB 246 190 24
    CMYK 4 27 92 0
    Pantone 123 C
    HEX f6be18
  • VerdeRGB 2 135 68
    CMYK 86 21 92 6
    Pantone 7731 C
    HEX 028744


We chose the Rubik font for our entire typography. It is simple to allow easy reading when used in texts, but also distinctive enough to allow strong titles and personality. In addition, it is free and can be downloaded through Google Fonts.


Support library with images to use in social networks, presentations and other materials you want to produce.


To help promote WYD DON BOSCO 23, we have prepared an animation of the logo that can be used in the production of multimedia materials for websites and social media.