Days in the Dioceses: meeting of young people from all over the world

>News >Days in the Dioceses: meeting of young people from all over the world

The “Days in the Dioceses” initiative, which precedes the Lisbon World Youth Day 2023, will take place from July 26th until the 30th. During these days, young people from all over the world will have the opportunity to experience being Church in the host communities, knowing the people and specificities of each region, in a true sharing of faith.

There are 17 dioceses of mainland Portugal and islands that will host the initiative: Algarve; Angra; Aveiro; Beja; Braga; Bragança-Miranda; Coimbra; Évora; Funchal; Guarda; Lamego; Leiria-Fátima; Portalegre-Castelo Branco; Porto; Viana do Castelo; Vila Real e Viseu. Offering their religious and cultural identity, through a creative proposal of their reality, the 17 dioceses are already preparing a program that is based on five pillars: Reception, discovery, mission, culture and sending. In order to make this experience even richer, youth movements – as part of the Church and diocesan dynamics – are also called to be present and to make their contribution.

As far as accommodation is concerned, young people should be housed in family homes, host parishes, or if the first chance is not possible in public facilities.

In order for everyone to live the World Youth Day in the best possible way, the “Days in the Dioceses” are thus a time of preparation for pilgrims and for the host communities.

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