Laura Gralheira: WYD is the opportunity to evangelize

>News >Laura Gralheira: WYD is the opportunity to evangelize

Henrique Laureano and Mariana Lagoas spoke to Laura Gralheira, coordinator of the National Council of the Salesian Youth Movement.

In the 8th WYD with Bosco program, Laura spoke about her time in the MJS, as well as her expectations regarding WYD Lisbon 2023.

Without ever having participated in any World Youth Day, for Laura this “Youth Festival” is a “unique opportunity to evangelize”. Fascinated by what this moment could mean for young people and the Church, the national coordinator highlights the fact that for a week we are “all together for the same”. As he pointed out, the MJS plays a very important role in the preparation of that moment, which is to “accompany the young people on this journey, guiding them to the Day”.

Living each day with the joy that characterizes Don Bosco’s disciples, Laura, believes she is “attentive and caring to others” and does not remember her life without being linked to the Salesian Youth Movement. “I don’t know what MJS has changed in my life, but I know what it has given me: to look at life in a joyful way,” he concluded.

The figure of Mary, also always so present in salesian environments, is for Laura “a guide”: “I trust you with what’s bad for me, but essentially what’s good for me”.

At the end of another WYD with Bosco, the coordinator of the National Council of the MJS challenged young people to be “attentive” to everything and all who will participate in WYD Lisbon 2023.

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