“Pão do Céu”: Salesian song at World Youth Day

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Sung by one and a half million pilgrims during the Sending Mass, the theme “Pão do Céu”, by Fr. Tarcízio Morais, the new Provincial of the Salesians of Portugal and Cape Verde, is a celebration of life.

As soon as the first notes of the theme “Pão do Céu”, a song from the CD n’Ele, written by Fr. Tarcízio Morais, were heard, the Portuguese pilgrims and, in particular, the members of the Salesian Youth Movement immediately recognised what the song was about.

The emotion took hold of everyone, especially Fr. Tarcízio, who was also in Campo da Graça for the Sending Mass: “I already knew that the theme would be played, because I had been contacted in this regard, but when I heard it being played in such a beautiful way, it was a great emotion”, he revealed.
With a choral and orchestral arrangement by Ana Roque Antunes – a former Salesian student – the theme was sung during Communion in several languages, including, of course, Portuguese.

The lyrics were written by Fr Simão Cruz, also a Salesian.

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