Poland at Days in the Dioceses: cultural and gastronomic sharing

>News >Poland at Days in the Dioceses: cultural and gastronomic sharing

In a sharing of faith, culture and gastronomy, the “Days in the Dioceses” allow the participants to get to know a little better the reality of the country that will host them, at the same time that they themselves can make known a little more of their culture. This was the case in the parish of Avintes, in Vila Nova de Gaia, last night, where some Polish pilgrims enlivened the evening with their music and dances.

The pre-Day meeting, known as “Days in the Dioceses”, takes place in the week leading up to the Day in question, in this case WYD Lisbon 2023. As this week is a preparation for the great encounter that is World Youth Day, the purpose of this welcome in the various dioceses of the country is that young people can get to know the richness of the Church of the host country, as well as its cultural richness. It also consists of integrating the young people into the parish communities throughout the country.

In addition to all the added value that pilgrims can enjoy, the “Days in the Dioceses” are also an opportunity for the communities of each country to share, for example, their culture and gastronomy with people from all corners of the world. Many pilgrims also take advantage of this week to make their culture known.

It was with this in mind that the Polish pilgrims’ delegation, made up of 362 participants, prepared an intense moment of cultural sharing last night.

Dressed in traditional costumes, the pilgrims danced and charmed everyone with their grace and friendliness. The bravest did not want to miss the traditional Polish dances, and joined the group as well.

At the end there was still time for a gastronomic sharing, with Polish sweets gaining great prominence.

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