“The Sun” play in Manique, in antecipation of WYD Lisbon 2023

>News >“The Sun” play in Manique, in antecipation of WYD Lisbon 2023

The Italian rock band “The Sun” will perform in Alcabideche on May 8th. The concert is an initiative in preparation for World Youth Day and is part of a seven-day tour in Portugal.

The Salesians of Manique and the Parish of Alcabideche are organizing the concert of the Italian band “The Sun” at the Salesian school in Alcabideche on May 8th, at 9 pm. The entrance is free.

“The Sun” was founded in 1997 and they have already played several international concerts, including in the Holy Land, where they played for the first time in 2011, and in major Catholic events such as the World Meeting of Families and in several editions of World Youth Day.

The group’s journey began with a punk sound, four records in English, several international hits, having played concerts across Europe and Japan, they also have opened performances for big bands like The Cure and Muse and were awarded Best Italian punk rock band.

“An experience characterised by a certain success, but by many excesses,” explains the band. In 2008, a turning point came, and the band decided to write in Italian. The band’s Francesco Lorenzi, the band’s composer, vocalist, and guitarist, decided to write in Italian. An existential crisis he experienced in 2007 and the author’s desire to “give a truer meaning to his life and therefore also to his music”, “deeper, sunnier and more direct than before” and an approach to faith and Christianity. The band was reborn in 2009, overcoming numerous difficulties.

Over the years, “The Sun” has supported various humanitarian initiatives in Italy, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, with fundraisers and solidarity concerts. In 2018 they gave several Christmas concerts in Jordan for Christian Iraqi refugees. More recently, the band promoted the solidarity campaign “We give oxygen #future” in support of projects promoted by the social enterprise “ZeroCO2”, whose mission is to combat the climate crisis through reforestation, and the use of permaculture and collaboration with local farming communities.

In 2016, Francesco Lorenzi received the Pontificate Medal – Award from Pope Francis “for his contribution to the development of Christian humanism and its artistic expressions in the world”.

The concert on the 8th of May is an initiative of the Salesians and the Parish of Alcabideche in preparation for World Youth Day and is part of a seven-day tour in Portugal.

On April 29th, “The Sun” will perform in Viana do Castelo, April 30th  in Santa Catarina da Serra, May 1st  and 2nd in Ponte de Sôr, 6th  in Ribamar, and on the 7th   in Alguber, Cadaval.

The rock group promises a concert with a Christian message and strong testimony of life.

Last year, the band performed in Fátima, at the Centro de Estudos de Fátima, during a pilgrimage to the sanctuary.

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