WYD DON BOSCO 23 opens registration for World Youth Day

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Portugal is enthusiastically preparing the Lisbon World Youth Day 2023. Following this journey, WYD DON BOSCO 23, responsible for the call and participation of mjs youth at WYD Lisboa 2023, announced the opening of registration for WYD Lisboa 2023.

The Salesian Youth Movement (MJS) wants this to be a time of encounter and communion among all, so all MJS pilgrims who sign up through the WYD DON Bosco 23 platform will be welcomed in Salesian houses (or spaces entrusted to the organization, as well as in families linked to salesian pastoral communities) in the Lisbon region. It should be noted that registration should be made on the Salesian platform, and not on the official platform of WYD Lisboa 2023.

The registration process will take place as follows: registration is made through a form, which will be made available by the MJS Center or the Salesian House. Afterwards, the coordinator of the Pastoral site will send the registrations to the designated provincial officer, who will then register the group with WYD DON BOSCO 23. In the end, the secretariat team of WYD DON BOSCO 23 will validate the data received and continue the registration process at WYD Lisboa 2023.

We want Pope Francis’ invitation to be present at WYD Lisbon 2023 to reach everyone.
We’re counting on you!

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