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Young people are capable of much. They are capable of the best of themselves to build on positive.

“It is typical of the young heart to be ready to change, to be able to get up and let life instruct you” (Christus vivit, 12). Young people are capable of a lot. They are capable of loving. Able to accept challenging proposals. Capable of the best of themselves for positive building. Capable of art and beauty. From creativity. Of generosity. From sharing. Of hope. The desire to be different. Despite difficulties, questions, uncertainties, young people are capable of faith. The questions are many and the answers necessary. Because they too are capable of encountering Christ. A young Christ, risen and alive. Different, fragile, sometimes uncertain and profound at the same time. An encounter of joy and celebration that continues, an experience of communion, of self-giving and of the good and new life of the Gospel incarnated in his life. They are capable of prayer and interiority. Capable of renewal in the Church and in the world. They are capable of dreaming. They are often discredited, disregarded, forgotten. But his presence renews and makes all things new, illuminating the world with a believing smile, an outstretched friendly hand, a joyful presence, life. Life. Life. We all need to let young people be capable even of utopia. We are often experts in finding negative aspects and dangers. But trust is needed. And believe in what young people are capable of. They are capable of rejoicing in the good of others. They are capable of great sacrifices for others. They are capable of being uncomfortable because they are noisy, nonconformist, dissatisfied with what is given to them because they desire high measures. But they are also capable of resisting the pathologies of individualism. They are capable of moving forces for ecology and respect for humanity. They are able to go against the current, share Jesus, communicate the faith and make a difference. They are capable of a lot. May they discover in us, in all of us, who makes them “Capable of You, Lord”!

(I was inspired by a song by Claudine Pinheiro “Capaz de Ti” for this title and this text.)

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