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Pedro Carvalho received Joana Xavier Fialho for another interview of the series WYD the Teams. Joana Xavier Fialho is a nurse and is one of those responsible for the Health team of WYD DON BOSCO 23.
Committed to providing assistance, in the area of Health, during the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, the Health team highlights the number of participants – around 7 thousand young people from the SYM -, as well as the fact that they are in such dispersed locations as the “main challenges”.
In the specific case of SYM Day, the collaboration of a company specialised in health care for large events is planned, which will ensure that everything will run “in the best way”, stresses the nurse.
“During the week of WYD Lisbon 2023, our role is to be prepared for each and every situation that may arise,” concludes Joana Xavier Fialho.

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