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On the 4th of August, a group of 60 young people from the Salesians of Funchal will animate Terreiro do Paço with a Flash Mob. The group recorded the video and the song, which was sent to all Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) groups, thus allowing all to participate.

The great celebration of the Salesian Youth Movement, the SYM Festival, will take place on the 2nd of August, in the Salesians of Estoril, and will bring together more than eight thousand young people from all over the world. However, SYM wants to share its joy and charisma with the whole World Youth Day, so on the 4th of August, everyone is invited to participate in a Flash Mob that is being prepared by the Salesians of Funchal and which will be presented at the Terreiro do Paço – Praça do Comércio. Nélio Teles, responsible for the activity states that the great objective is to carry out this Flash Mob with “as many young people as possible, creating a party”.

All MJS groups are invited.

Learn the choreography here and join the party!

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