Construction work begins for World Youth Day

>News >Construction work begins for World Youth Day

The month of March marks the start of the works that will take place in Lisbon to host the World Youth Day in 2023. The land that will host this youth festival covers part of the municipalities of Lisbon and Loures and is located next to the Tagus River and the mouth of the Trancão River.

Américo Aguiar; the mayors of Lisbon (Carlos Moedas) and Loures (Ricardo Leão); and the coordinator of the WYD project group, José Sá Fernandes, the focus was on the location where the altar will be installed and also the path that Pope Francis will have to travel to make contact with all the faithful participating in the event.

The venue that will host WYD in 2023, and which will have the capacity to accommodate about two million people, will be a park of about 100 hectares. The altar will be installed on land in the parish of Parque das Nações, Lisbon, where the Beirolas landfill was located, deactivated 24 years ago. According to José Sá Fernandes, coordinator of the WYD 2023 Project Group, this land is “consolidated” and has “all the conditions to accommodate a large number of people.

Portugal will be the second Portuguese-speaking country to host a World Youth Day.

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