Preparations for World Youth Day continue at full speed

>News >Preparations for World Youth Day continue at full speed

On April 19th, all the teams of WYD DON BOSCO 23, who walk in preparation for World Youth Day, were gathered to make a point of status of the work and present the news.

The WYD DON BOSCO 23 registration platform already has more than 6000 subscribers, from
different countries, and from five continents. Ahead, with the largest number of pilgrims, are
Spain (2180), Italy (1681) and Poland (538).

Furthermore, the SYM Festival, a meeting for the young people of the Salesian Youth Movement, which will be taking place on August 2, has more than 6000 registrations.
For the distribution of all these young people, the organization will take into account some criteria previously defined, such as, the greater ease of movement in relation to the means of transport or
even the languages spoken in the catecheses.

The adherence is strong and knowing that minors will also participate in WYD, the WYD DON Team
BOSCO 23 has created a set of measures that have as their main objective to protect these
young people. Thus, information was collected on potential threats, and subsequently, a set of rules was created by which everyone involved will be governed.

Within these rules, there is, for example, the obligation to hand over a criminal record,
by volunteers and collaborators; the establishment of criteria for the selection of families of
reception; as well as the separation of infrastructures by sex.

This action protocol establishes the formal procedures to be followed by employees
WYD DON BOSCO 23, in consultation with the legislation in force and respecting principles
such as confidentiality, speed of response, appropriateness in hearing the minor, or the
person in a vulnerable situation, and their safety and protection.

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