Salesian pilgrims from Poland arrive in the Diocese of Porto

>News >Salesian pilgrims from Poland arrive in the Diocese of Porto

The delegation of Polish Salesian pilgrims arrived yesterday, the 27th, in Porto. The group, composed of 362 participants, is made up mainly of pilgrims from the Salesian provinces of Krakow and Wroclaw, and from the Salesian Sisters’ provinces of Warsaw and Wroclaw.

The group includes 22 Salesian priests (1 of them diocesan), 1 cleric, 13 Salesian sisters and 2 seraphic sisters of the Franciscan order.

The ages of the pilgrims are between 13 and 30. During the Days in the Dioceses, they will be divided into seven groups. One of the groups has nine young Ukrainians from the cities of Odessa, Korostyshiv and Bibrka

The Polish pilgrims started preparing for WYD Lisbon 2023 three years ago with a training program called “Wtań” (Rise up), which included monthly meetings on various topics related to religion.

After passing through Turin and Zaragoza, the Polish delegation arrived yesterday in the Diocese of Porto, where they were warmly welcomed. “The parishes of Porto received us very, very warmly! The volunteers welcomed us warmly and kindly. After we settled in, we had a hot meal waiting for us. Then we spent an evening together, learning about each other’s cultures. We all had a great time!” says Zuzia Bratek from the Salesian province of Auscwitz.

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