SYM Festival volunteers gathered in Estoril for one last meeting

>News >SYM Festival volunteers gathered in Estoril for one last meeting

The SYM Festival volunteers’ meeting took place on 29 July at the Salesianos do Estoril. This was the last meeting before the big day of the SYM at WYD Lisbon 2023.

Here, it was possible to make the last adjustments and organise the dynamics of volunteering. From the welcome of the participants to the logistics necessary for the different events, all the essential aspects were addressed so that the SYM Festival runs as smoothly as possible.

For Sister Diana Arrobas, a member of the SYM Day organising team, the meeting went “well” and there was a very large number of volunteers, “both in person and online”.

“The volunteers were excited, they asked some questions and at the end there was also the opportunity to speak personally with some volunteers. You can see that people really want to help and even make themselves available to help beyond the service hours we have established”, emphasises the responsible.
In the words of Sister Diana, the importance of having volunteers in this event is “a lot”, because it is not possible to do an event like this “without volunteers”. “It is good to collaborate with other people, to extend the event to these volunteers who can collaborate with us in this service”, she concludes.

The SYM Festival will take place at the Salesianos do Estoril on 2 August, being one of the highlights of SYM Day, along with the SYM Forum. It will be the big party of the Salesian Youth Movement, where there will be plenty of music, games and lots of entertainment.

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