Yep! WYD has already begun around here!

>News >Yep! WYD has already begun around here!

WYD is in 2023, but for the Salesian Family, this great event is already tomorrow.

To coordinate the participation of the Salesian Family in WYD 2023, the organization WYD DON BOSCO 23 was created. This mega team is subdivided into different work groups, with different objectives, but they have in common the fact that they want to bring all the participants connected to the Salesians, worldwide, to the biggest youth event in the world.

Having Zoom as an ally, all the work teams have already started to meet to define specific objectives, define strategies, and schedule the activities. Why WYD DON BOSCO 23? It is an English acronym that refers to the World Youth Day, to Don Bosco, and to the date of the meeting.

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