Pope Francis thanks all young people for “generosity” and “work”

>News >Pope Francis thanks all young people for “generosity” and “work”

After having sent a message of thanks to all civil society workers and all pilgrims, Pope Francis now highlights the work of the Local Organizing Committee (COL) collaborators and volunteers, as well as all those who collaborate in the Diocesan (COD), Vicarial (COV), Archpriest (COA), Territorial (COT) and Parish (COP) Organizing Committees.

In another video, the Holy Father began by thanking all the young people who have been so committed to organizing World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, acknowledging that ““they are working hard for the youth meeting”.

In the words of Pope Francis, generosity is something that is “developing” and that is exactly what everyone is doing, “working for a cause”, for a great cause that is “youth meeting”.

Pope Francis also asked young people to never lose the “illusion of life”, because, as he says, it is the illusion that makes us “go forward”.

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