WYD Symbols in Portugal: the pilgrimage began in November

>News >WYD Symbols in Portugal: the pilgrimage began in November

In the months leading up to each World Youth Day, the WYD symbols are on pilgrimage around the world to mark the presence of the Gospel and, above all, to accompany young people in the different environments in which they live.

In our country, the 3.80-meter high cross and the portrait of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady Salus Populli Romani) were first received by the Diocese of Algarve in November 2021. Followed by the Diocese of Beja, the following month. In 2022 it was the Diocese of Évora that received the symbols. In February the WYD symbols will be in Portalegre-Castelo Branco.

In Portugal, the Local Organizing Committee (COL) of WYD Lisbon 2023 and the Resource Center for Digital Inclusion of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria have released the explanation of the symbols of WYD in pictographic language, Braille and Portuguese Sign Language.

Below, we share the itinerary for the pilgrimage of the symbols so that you can be informed and participate in the different activities that will take place in your diocese.

March 2022: Diocese of Guarda
April 2022: Diocese of Viseu 
May 2022: Diocese of Funchal 
June 2022: Diocese of Angra
July 2022: Diocese of Lamego 
August 2022: Diocese of Bragança-Miranda  
September 2022: Diocese of Vila Real
October 2022: Diocese of Porto
November 2022: Diocese of Setubal
December 2022: Diocese of Forces and Security
January 2023: Diocese of Viana do Castelo
February 2023: Diocese of Braga
March 2023: Diocese of Aveiro
April 2023: Diocese of Coimbra
May 2023: Diocese of Leiria-Fatima
June 2023: Diocese of Santarem
July 2023: Diocese of Lisbon

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