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The Holy Father’s invitation is accompanied by a strong and transformative wish: that this meeting be made of the “poetry of creativity”.

This is the invitation that the Holy Father extends to all youngsters around the world: “See you in August for WYD 2023”. This invitation from the Holy Father is accompanied by a strong and transformative wish: that this meeting be made of the “poetry of creativity”. Poetry as the beauty of the word, of the conjugated verb, of the harmony of feelings, in the musical rhythm that the words express. But also, in art, in forms, in the many possible expressions of neatness. Creativity to renew and transform humanity and society with the best that youth can offer: the ability to create and invent. Build and innovate. With boldness, resourcefulness and courage. Without “sitting still”, “watching from the casbin” or “on the sofa”, in the apathy of life. With the “poetry of creativity” old paradigms are abandoned, questioning, surprising, inspiring, with reflection and action. With lots of joy and happiness mixed in, making all things new. And how much novelty young people are capable of! Let’s believe them! The world of the future needs young people’s ability to think differently. Creativity helps to bring out the best that is already within each youngster, bringing out hidden talents and inner capacities of great richness and beauty. Creativity also allows progress because it challenges and renews our experience of the Church, in communion of life and action. Because when youngsters have an idea to build, create or change something, if they are given support and encouragement to proceed, they themselves begin to make sense of the world, they give themselves opportunities to experience meaning and discover, also, limitations to overcome. To live life with meaning processes, also marked by beauty, daring, audacity. Being creative. With poetry. To look with the heart and see further. Build with your hands. Leave a mark. Innovate to decide the future. The future of young people! For them, let’s go forward until August, with Pope Francis! At WYD!

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