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Saint Bartholomew of the Martyrs

St Bartholomew of the Martyrs was a man of faith, completely dedicated to the church. This archbishop believed and taught the importance of faith for the spiritual life and the Christian walk.

  • Birthday3rd May 1514
  • Death16th July 1590
  • Canonization10th November 2019
  • Liturgical Feast18th July

Saint Bartholomew for the Martyrs, dominican and archbishop, left Lisbon for Trent, as part of the last phase of the Council (1562-1563), which wanted to reform the Church by bringing priests closer to the faithful, as Pope Francis so often reminds us. 

Saint Bartholomew of the Martyrs was decisive in this process and still motivates us all today!

Bartholomew was born in Lisbon in 1514. From an early age, a strong desire began to develop in his heart to become a Dominican friar. 

At the age of 14, he joined the Dominican Order and took the name Friar Bartolomeu do Mártires, after the parish where he was baptised and the parish where he was born. 

Frei Bartolomeu showed, from an early age, a keen intelligence and a strong propensity for study. Outstanding for his immense apostolic zeal, he was able to fulfil the requirement of announcing by word and edifying by example. 

Bartholomew presented 268 petitions calling for reform in the Church during the third and final stage of the Council of Trent. When his participation ended, he returned to his archdiocese, committed to drawing closer to his faithful in order to strengthen their faith journey.

He died on 16 July 1590, aged 76, recognised and acclaimed by the people as the “Holy Archbishop, father of the poor and the sick”. 

He was canonised by Pope Francis in 2019. 

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